Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.
What is Real, Traditional Food?

Real, traditional food is food as it has been prepared for millennia by our ancestors well before the age of mass processed foods. It is high density nutrition produced by sustainable agriculture. It simply refers to natural fresh produce, fermented veggies, free range meats, bone broths, minimally processed dairy (if tolerated) and whole grains (if tolerated)- all prepared in a variety of ways according to local cultures and availability, which enhance the availability of nutrients. Returning to our heritage of good, wholesome, delicious foods that nourish our bodies and brains, is the way to optimise our health in this day and age. It is also the most simple approach to healthy eating, and is not a fad approach.

Traditional Food Principles
  1. Food and culture are inseparable
  2. Honour the source of food, the food chain, and the web of life
  3. Eat with the seasons
  4. Eat a wide variety of foods
  5. Traditional foods are whole foods.
  6. Eat local foods as much as possible
  7. Wild and organic foods are better for health
  8. Cook and eat with good intention, as how we think about our food affects us.

Healthy Fats and Weight Loss

Traditional societies placed a high value on eating the whole animal, and in particular, the fat of animals. There are substances in fats which nourish and nurture our bodies and our brains. The modern misguided emphasis on low fat foods has cost us generations of increasing obesity. Eating processed and low fat foods leads to under-nourishment, and we also do not feel satisfied, so we overeat, unconsciously searching for those missing nutrients. Eating a nutrient dense diet of abundant plant and animal foods, and with a moderate fat intake, is feeding our bodies the nourishment it needs, and therefore food cravings are stopped. This is a healthy and sustainable approach to weight loss in the long term.